My experience in getting Certificate of Registration at BIR as Financial Advisor (Part 2 of 2)

I returned at BIR RDO 041 on a Tuesday morning and asked the guard where I could get the Certificate of Registration as I showed him the Application for Registration 1901. He told me to go at the table near the entrance door and there was the releasing area. I went there and there was one lady who got there first, after her, I was accommodated and  I showed my Application of Registration 1901 and after 5 minutes, the officer gave me the Certificate of Registration and I signed  the receiving book.

sample BIR COR

After receiving the Certificate of Registration these were the things that I needed to accomplish.

  1. Registration of Book of Accounts(BIR Form 1905)
  2. Authority to Print Invoices/Receipts (BIR Form 1906)
  3. Register online at bir.gov.ph

The first thing I did was  contact the person who were authorized by BIR to print receipts. Luckily, I had a friend who knew an accredited printer in Paranaque. I e-mailed them the Certificate of Registration and they were the one who contacted the BIR in printing my receipts. After 30 days, the receipts were delivered at our house and I only paid Ph1,150.00. As I knew,some accredited printers will cost you Ph1,500.00. If you want to know that Accredited Printer, you may contact me.

sample receipt

Now, with regard to the registration of Book of Accounts (BIR Form 1905), I went again at BIR RDO 041 and brought my books that I bought at office supplies store. I bought  2 Columnar Books(14 Columns), 2 Journals and 1 Ledger.


I went first to the table near the stairs where OJT’s put stamped on the first page of the books I brought. The stamped required you to fill it out with your name, address, and TIN.

After that I got a number again for Registration of Book of Accounts and I until my number was called. I went in officer in charged and he checked all the requirements, he told me to photocopy the Certificate of Registration, Payment Form,showed him the books with stamped that I filled out and the filled out BIR Form 1905. He  mistakenly told me that I was late in registering the book of accounts. He told me that I would pay fine, but I told him that it was less than 30 days after I registered. Be careful that you should not be late, otherwise, you would be fined.  After that, it was finished. I now registered my business with line of business in insurance.

With regard to registering on-line. The system cannot accommodate my registration. I e-mailed BIR already, as stated in the picture below. But, as of now, they had not responded to my e-mail. My manager told me to pay off-line instead,as their on-line facility would take long to be utilized.

BIR on line failed

I hope that you learn something to my experience in registering at BIR.

Be a responsible tax payer.

Go,go,go Philippines!

If you have questions, I’d be glad to hear from you.

You may reach me:

Archie M. Yuki


let's connect


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