Health is Wealth-Start your Health Insurance

Health is Wealth! This is the common statement that we hear from a lot of people to which I agree. Even though you earn a lot of money but when you get sick specially the deadly ones, all of it can be easily wiped out. In our country, we are one dread disease away from poverty. If a bread winner gets sick like cancer, it will make his family suffer financially.

How much would it cost you if you get a dread disease?


This will surely cost you money if this happens to you. You can compute it to yourself. It will cost you more than a million if you are not prepared if this kind of dread disease comes to you. Will your savings be enough?

I know a friend who is diagnosed with a cancer. She is undergoing a chemo and it’s expensive really aside from that there are so many procedures and medicines to take. Her family is sourcing funds to relatives, friends, schoolmates, officemates, FB page, and a lot more. I’m so sad about to what happened to her because we can’t believe that it can happen to her. These are the things that we cannot control, no one is exempted if risks of life happen to us.

I also have a friend who suffered from a kidney failure and his family was not ready about it. All of their funds were used up and he was the bread winner.  He earned a lot from his job because he worked abroad. But when dread disease happened to him, all of his savings and investments were used up. We were shocked that it was fast when it happened and he passed away already.

According to a study, the average amount of emergency savings of a Filipino is only Ph200 and this scares me. A lot of Filipinos are not aware of saving for their health. Where this Ph200 can bring you if you were diagnosed that you had a lung cancer yesterday? This is surely a big problem to you and to your family.


If we are not prepared if risks of life that can happen to us, it will be a big burden to you and to your family. There is a risk that we will get sick and it is important for us to prepare as early as we are healthy now.

These are the Top 10 causes of death of Filipinos due to dread disease:


It is important for us to take care our health by living a healthy lifestyle like exercising, eating fruits and vegetables, and a lot more, so that we can avoid dread diseases particularly the Fatal Four.


Here are some of the tips to live a healthy lifestyle.




Really, health is wealth. It’s not enough that we take care our health by living a healthy lifestyle but we have to prepare for it financially. It is important for us to save and secure a health insurance that can give us a peace of mind if ever dread disease happens to us.

Do you know that it is better to get a health insurance aside from your savings for your health because it is cheaper to prepare now than none at all. The principle that I always advocate is to Earn, Save, Insure and Invest.  If ever a person gets sick he will need not to get money from his investment nor savings  but from his Health Insurance first. It is wiser to insure yourself properly for you to protect yourself and your family.

In Insular Life,we have a Comprehensive Health Security Coverage that you can benefit from.


Here are the sample illustrations:

You will just save Ph223 per day and you will get these benefits.


You will just save Ph84 per day and you will get these benefits.


These are the Dread Diseases that our Health Insurance cover. If you will get one of these diseases, you will get a lump sum of Ph 1,500,000 30 days after the diagnosis of the disease as for this example that can be used for medical treatment.

DDR List

Insular Life’s Comprehensive Health Security Coverage will give you a peace of mind that you can be assured that if ever something happens to your health you will be taken care of while your money will also grow that you can use for your future financial goals. If you think health insurance is not important, think of someone who suffered from dread diseases and how it affected their finances. We hope for the best but we have to be wise to prepare for the worst. Protect your self and your family by securing yourself a health insurance.

For more information and details of how to secure yourself a health insurance, you can reach me:


Archie M. Yuki

Financial Adviser/Health Insurance Specialist

The Insular Life Assurance Ltd., Co.

4th floor Karina Bldg., No. 33 Shaw Blvd Pasig City

Tel No. 571-3274

Mobile Number: 0917-5769607

Email Address: archieyuki30@gmail.com

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