How to achieve P1,000,000 in Stock Market.


You can achieve your Financial goals by learning things on Personal Finance by reading blogs, attending Financial Literacy Forum, reading books and many more. There are many ways how to earn money, you can work for an employer, start your own business, sell products or earn from investments. In earning money,you can get it through Active Income and Passive Income.

Let’s define Active Income and Passive Income

Active income is income for which services have been performed. This includes wages, tips, salaries, commissions and income from businesses in which there is material participation.

Passive income has been a relatively loosely used term in recent years. Colloquially, it’s been used to define money being earned regularly with little or no effort on the part of the person who’s receiving it. Proponents of earning passive income tend to be boosters of a work-from-home and be-your-own-boss professional lifestyle. The type of earnings people usually associate with this are gains on stocks, interest, retirement pay, lottery winnings, online work, and capital gains.

You can either choose if you want to earn it through Active Income or Passive Income or you can do both for you to achieve fast your financial goals.I recommend that you choose Passive Income because it is one way to earn even without you working for it. Money will go to you because your money will work for you. There are many ways really to earn your First Million but you need to study well how you can earn your First Million in a Financial Instrument which can be considered Passive Income. You have to consider the time and interest for you to reach it but be careful for the temptation to get into quick-rich schemes like offering a low risk in nature but high returns with guarantees.  Don’t be fooled by their promises as they will destroy your integrity.

If you want to grow your money, you can choose where you can put it.


If you have a lot of money to invest, you can start to invest big amount for you to reach your goal fast but if you will start small, you need more time to grow your money. You have to understand that there are risks that you have to embrace if you want to get high returns in the future.

Now, the question is, how to achieve your Ph1,000,000 if you will put it in a stock market. If you have time to study stock market you can invest on your own but you have to monitor it. You can go to a stock broker or sign up to an online stock broker. But if you want to let your money grow with professionals who create pooled funds, this is another way for you to achieve your financial goals, while you are busy working at your job or business, pooled funds will take care your money to grow without taking much of your time.

Let us define Pooled Funds:

Pooled funds are funds from many individual investors that are aggregated for the purposes of investment, as in the case of a mutual or pension fund. Investors in pooled fund investments benefit from economies of scale, which allow for lower trading costs per dollar of investment, diversification and professional money management.

Let’s say you put it in a pooled funds to reach your Ph1,000,000.00. Let’s say the investor’s age is 25 years old. Usually, pooled funds can give annual returns of 6%-12% conservatively.

If you want to reach a Ph1,000,000 after 10 years if the fund earns 8% per year.You just have to invest consistently an amount of Ph69,030 per year for the next 10 years.


To illustrate:


If you simply put your money in a savings bank on the 10th year, your money will be only Ph722,954.03 while if you put it in a pooled funds,it will reach Ph1,000,007.41 already if it earns 8% interest per year and the good thing about this if you let it stay, your money will stay grow.

The good thing about pooled funds is you can start on the amount that you are comfortable to start with until you adjust your investment for you to reach your Financial goals through Passive income.

There are different kinds of pooled funds that you can choose in the market. But for me, I recommend Variable Unit Linked(VUL) for you to grow your money at the same time you can also add a life insurance so that you can protect yourself because risks of life are always there. You can add riders as well for your Hospitalization needs rather than you use your investment or savings if illness strikes. VUL also is not taxable therefore you can preserve all your assets by growing your funds if the owner passes away in the future. I’m not saying that Variable Unit Linked is the perfect investment but there’s no such thing as a perfect investment. It will really depend to your needs. As they say. we hope for the best, but we have to be wise to prepare for the worst.

Here is the report that I got from top VUL’s in the Philippines these days that can give 6%-12% returns on the average long term.


Now reaching your First Million is not easy, you have to be disciplined for you to achieve your financial goals. It is not about what you know but it is how you do it through consistently saving and investing. If you invest in Stock Market, you have to invest long term to reap the benefits.

I hope you learn something about my blog. I look forward that you will achieve your Financial goals for yourself and for your loved ones. Be free!


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Read more: Active Income Definition | Investopedia http://www.investopedia.com/terms/a/activeincome.asp#ixzz4TGj6ihwD
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