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Invest in Yourself


As a Financial Literacy Advocate, I always teach to invest in yourself first for you to acquire knowledge and that knowledge will give you the best returns in your life. In our times, information is really fast and sometimes we cannot really understand what are the things that will really benefit us particularly in Personal Finance. Most of the time if you are not careful about deciding how to do with your hard-earned money, you will fall into quick rich-schemes which promise high returns and guarantees with a very low risk. This can be a tragedy to a person who works hard to earn his money and turned out that he will lose it all because of not investing to himself first.

There are so many professionals that you can talk to guide you without any biases and can really guide you the complete approach when it comes to your Personal Finance needs. It is important that you study first what to do if you want to start to create a Financial Plan. You deserve to know all the things that you have to know when you create a Financial Plan in a holistic way.

I recently met Mr. Peter Yung,AFP  and I was in awe with him because he shared many things about Financial Planning. He told me that every person has different needs and therefore it requires different solutions as well for their personal finance. I totally agree with him so that the person can get the best fit financial plan for the circumstance of his/her life. A Financial Planner should understand what the client needs from now to the future needs of the client. His business is also in Financial Planning but he is an independent Financial Planner. The advantage of this is you can get an advise from him without any bias. It means that he can advise you  the best Financial Plan that you really need not because of he is representing a particular company. I think this idea is way better than being pushed by a seller who really needs a commission from you.

You may check his company if you need to learn about Financial Planning and he can help you to choose the best financial plan for yourself and for your family. You can get a consultation from them. You may check their website at


I got this from their page about Financial Planning:



The wisest thing to do is to invest in yourself first to know what is the best Financial Plan for you and don’t just settle for the things that you do not totally understand before you jump into investing. Make it a habit to read books, blogs, attend seminars about Personal Finance so that you can maximize the learnings  and you can use it for you to become Financially Literate and reap the benefits in the future.

I hope that you learn something about investing in yourself first!

I hope  that we all achieve our Financial goals for ourselves and for our love ones.

God bless Philippines!


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