How To Start A Financial Plan


Starting my Financial Plan is one of the most important decisions that I made to achieve my financial goals in the future. Let me just share how to start a financial plan. It is so easy to go through the process. Here it is:

1. You have to meet in person with a Financial Planner,so that you can be assessed if what will fit your financial goals in the future.

2. Decide what amount you can start based on the recommendations of the Financial Planner.

3. Fill out the application form which the Financial Planner can assist you.

4. Submit 1 photocopy of a valid ID with your signature like TIN,SSS,Driver’s license, UMID,Passport Etc.

5. Submit the initial premium or payment for the application to be processed. You will be given a provisional receipt.

6. It will take 1 day to 5 days for the company to process your application depending on the Financial Plan you choose. The company will advise if you have to undergo a medical exam or your policy will be issued already. If you will have to go to medical exam, it will be free but if you have an exisiting condition of your health, the company will require you for further tests at your own cost.

7. If your policy is approved, it will be delivered to you by your Financial Planner or it can be sent to your preferred mailing address.

8. You can enroll an auto debit arrangement with the banks like BPI,BDO,Metrobank,Unionbank, and Landbank so that for the next payment of your regular premium financial plan will be convenient for you. You don’t have to go to their office or to a bank to settle your premium.

9. Your financial needs always change so make time to meet with your Financial Planner at least once a year for you to review and update your financial plan and they are more than willing to assist you.

That is it! These are the steps for you to start your financial plan. Once you started it, you have to be consistent on paying your Financial Plan for you to achieve your financial goals in the future. This is the product that you will not regret buying because you know sooner or later you will benefit from it.

Archie M. Yuki
Financial Planner, Investment Consultant and Insurance Specialist
4th floor Karina Bldg., No. 33 Shaw Blvd. Pasig City
Tel No. 571-3274
Mobile Number. 0917-5769607, 0923-4941362
Email Address: archieyuki30@gmail.com

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