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How to invest in Stock Market

How to invest in stock market

Investing in Philippine Stock Market is not that familiar to most of us. We never understand how to take advantage of it to reach our financial goals in the future that is why only few Filipinos invest in Stock Market. Investing in stock market can make you a shareholder of different companies that are publicly listed in our country,thus, if these companies earn,you will also earn but there are risks that you can encounter as well if these companies will not earn, you will also not earn,worst is, you will lose all your money invested.  That is why it is important that you do your part as well to study before you invest. Learning how to participate in stock market is not that difficult as you think specially these days that you can get so many information that will be helpful for you to be knowledgeable in investing in stocks.

Let me share with you the 2 ways how to invest in Stock Market:

1. Do it by yourself-You can go to the stock broker to buy shares. You can go to a traditional broker by calling them or through online broker for you to participate in Phil. Stock Market. You have to do the Fundamental analysis and Technical Analysis for you to manage your funds to earn. It is advisable that you have to make time to analyze and know which company you should put your money. Risks are high if you will do it yourself but brokers also can guide you to which company you should put your money which you can have high potential returns.

2. Let the expert do it for you-You can go to pooled funds where there are fund managers who can invest your money. They will create funds that consist of  blue chip companies that they actively manage that you can be part of. You don’t need to study which company you should invest but the fund managers will study if what companies they should put your money to grow. You will have shares from different companies that are included in the pooled funds. Risks are lesser than doing direct  but the returns are not that high compared to direct to stock market investment.

Which one is better? It depends to the situation of the investors. You can do both or just do one. If you have time to study the stock market and you like to study the companies that you want to invest and analyze the trend of the market, you can do it by yourself and if you are busy to your job or business that you don’t have time to monitor and study the stock market, it is better you let the fund managers handle your money to grow it in pooled funds.

Either of the two, if you invest in stock market long term the potential to earn is possible than just saving in the banks. You just have to study first before you invest. Start to invest now in Philippine Stock Market for you to achieve your financial goals in the future either you do it by yourself or be part of pooled funds.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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