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My Punk Rock Personal Finance Habits

I was born poor and life for me was not easy. My father is from Bicol and my mother is from the Visayas. They met in a bag factory in Angono,Rizal. My father lost his job when he was like 55 years old because the factory he was working at closed down and my mother did not work since they got married. It was a very difficult situation for my brother and my three sisters because we struggled financially. Luckily, I had a punk rock attitude. Punk is a mentality. It is represented by one who does not swallow outright what people tell them or people normally do. Just like punk rock music that I can relate to my attitude on how I practice personal finance.

I never had qualms about working hard. I had to do odd jobs before just to save money while studying in UP. I had jobs like a bagger in a grocery store, store assistant in a video shop, and a waiter in a Hotel. I’m blessed that my family and relatives supported me during those times to finish my studies.  I am thankful because of that  experience, I realized the value of personal finance so that I will not be forever poor in my entire life. As Bill Gates say, if you were born poor,it is not your mistake,but if you die poor,it is your mistake.

Let me share with you some Punk Rock Personal Finance Habits that I practice that I believe can benefit you as well. (Warning: Some of these habits not be for you.)

1. Pay your debts as fast as you can.
2.Do not borrow money to buy things just to impress other people or just to be in. Keeping up with the Joneses is a big bullshit.
3. Cut your credit cards if you plan to pay it in installment. It is a negative compounding interest.
4. Buy more assets than liabilities.
5. Learn to save first before you spend. Do not just save and then you will spend it all afterwards. Set goals for short term, mid term and long term needs. Know your reasons why you need to save.
6. Do not buy things that are not well thought of. Practice delayed gratification.
7. Learn to say “No” to unnecessary expenses that your relatives, friends or officemates offer you. Example: Unplanned activities like travel, dining out, drinking,partying and et cetera.
8. Give up vices like drinking alcohol and smoking. If you cannot quit, minimize it. You can be healthier and you can save money.
9. Bring packed food at work as much as possible.
10. Look for a clean carinderia near from your office rather than buy food from fast food restaurant.
11. If you plan to get into a relationship,look for someone who knows how to save money. If you are already in a relationship to someone who does not save money, you need to change your BF/GF soon.
12. Learn to allocate your income into different categories, use clear book to allocate it. Ex: Savings,Insurance,Investment, Grocery,Tuition Fees, Transportation/Gas Expenses,Loans, Giving, et cetera.
13. Change your money to hundreds from your favorite bank so that you will not be tempted to buy something just to break down your Ph1,000 and you can easily allocate your funds.
14. Practice charity. Help your church or help someone in need.
15. Have an emergency fund. Have at least 6 months of your monthly salary and open a bank account for it.
16. Get life insurance so if death comes your family will be financially stable without you.
17. Get health cards so that if you will get sick you will not have to shell out cash.
18. Get dread disease insurance for you to be protected from Cancer, Heart Attack, Diabetes which you will need money if these dread diseases happen to you.
19. Insure your non-life assets like your car/s and properties.
20. Minimize taking a cab or uber/grab. If it will not cause you harm, use Jeepney,MRT,LRT,Bus going to work. Leave early from your house to go to work so that you will not be in a hurry and you will not take the cab.
21. Learn to invest be it in stocks,pooled funds,bonds,money markets and real estate. Make it a habit to invest.
22. Do  not believe everything you see in social media about seemingly successful life of people, you might not know that they are full of debts already. You will be tempted to copy their lifestyle but your budget will not allow it.Fake news are everywhere,  how much more fake people.
23. Buy sale items.
24. Live within your daily budget. Let us say your allowance is Ph200 a day,do not overspend.
25. Learn to enjoy your income as well but not splurging. You set a budget for it like dining out,vacation, travel and many more.
26. Pratice Kurot Principle. If you want to buy worth Ph40k cellphone, you should have earned at least 400k.
27. Read books,attend seminars, talk to professionals  and study about Personal Finance.
28. Choose your friends wisely. Avoid people who are pessimistic, spender, and do not take actions of their goals in life.
29. Learn to have extra income aside from your job. Learn to sell. Do multiple sources of income either active income or passive income.
30. Pray for the success of other people.

It does not matter if how much you earn but it is how much you can save and invest.  I do not care if people will think of me as so frugal but what is important for me is my financial goals for my family.If I will not practice Personal Finance now, most likely I will be part of the 63% of Filipinos who will be broke at age 60 and I do not want that. Majority of people will not do Financial Planning that is why we need to change our attitude when it comes to handling our finances.

I do like to live a simple life that I do not want to lease my lifestyle today just to look glamorous for other people. I do not want to pretend that I only look rich but I do not have savings, life insurance and investments. It is priceless for me to have a peace of mind that I do not have any worries about paying bills for the things that I borrowed from the bank which are unplanned. What is important for me is even though I am not earning big yet but I can manage it to grow because of these habits. I look forward that you also practice some of my Punk Rock Personal Finance Habits and we will be part of the Filipinos will achieve Financial Independence in the future.



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Life Insurance Can Preserve Your Assets if Death Comes



Many of us think that life insurance is not important. In  fact, Philippines has only 1.75% penetration rate of life insurance. Penetration rates calculated  as the ratio of total gross premiums over gross domestic product. It means that few Filipinos are insured and most of us are under insured. You may ask yourself and look around with your loved ones, friends and relatives, and you will see that most of us do not have life insurance. Life insurance has many benefits. It can cover a person if risks of life happen like illness, disability, old age and death. With regard to this writing, I will share with you how life insurance can preserve your assets if death comes in the future.

We all work hard for our family to have a better life and along the way, we can accumulate assets like having your own house and lot, condo units, cars, motorcyles, savings in the bank, stock market shares, businesses, jewelry, your expensive collections, and many more. While having these assets named for you and if death comes, your assets will not be easily transferred to your heirs. Your family needs to settle the Estate Tax which the government will surely take before your heirs can get their shares of your assets. Two  things are inevitable in life, these are Death and Taxes. If you will not prepare, it will be a burden to your family.

Estate Tax has its different rates depending on your Net Estate:

estate tax


How to compute the Estate Tax that your heirs will need to pay in the Philippine government if death comes?

Let’s say that a person has Ph15,000,000 Net Estate. This is how your heir needs to prepare to settle the Estate Tax so that your assets will be transferred to them.

You can see that Ph15,000,000 is on the bracket of over Ph10,000,000 therefore the tax will be Ph1,215,000.00 plus 20% of the excess over of Ph10,000,000. The excess will be Ph5,000,000 and the 20% of that is Ph1,000,000. Therefore the total Estate Tax that the heirs should pay is Ph2,215,000(Ph1,215,000 + Ph1,000,000). Before the heirs can get the Net Estate of Ph15,000,000 they need to settle first Ph2,215,000. What if all of his money is in the banks which the heirs cannot withdraw? Money in the bank is frozen if the owner dies, it can be withdrawn only after the estate tax is settled.  It will be a big problem for the heirs to come up right away with that amount because if they will not settle the Estate Tax after a period of time, it will have a penalty and worst if the heir cannot settle the Estate Tax, the government can own the assets.

Life insurance can address the Estate Tax because it is not taxable as long as it is designated as irrevocable beneficiary. It can preserve your assets in the future. In the computation, the heirs should have at least Ph2,215,000 ready cash if death comes in the future of the owner of the assets for the heirs to transfer the net estate to them.

For you to preserve your assets,the owner of the assets can insure himself now at least Ph2,215,000 to prepare for the estate tax if death comes soon or in the future. He just needs to set aside every year of 5%-10% of his income for him to get a life insurance coverage for him to have funds that can be given to his beneficiary if death comes.

Here how it goes if the owner of the assets did not have life insurance:

deathcomeswithoutlifeinsuranceHere how it goes if the owner has a proper life insurance coverage just to pay for the Estate Tax if death comes:

deathcomeswithlifeinsuranceIt clearly shows that by insuring yourself properly, your family that you will be leaving if death comes will not have any problem on paying the Estate Tax. It is way cheaper and you can save more money if you insure yourself properly. You can imagine if the owner dies without life insurance, where would the family get the Ph2,215,000 to pay for the estate tax because all of the assets are being frozen,even if they have money in the bank, they cannot just withdraw it without paying the Estate Tax first. Even if they have money which is not owned by the person who died, it will be still a burden to pay for the Estate Tax. As seen in the sample computation, Ph2,215,000 is not a small amount of money.  It is wiser to prepare as well for the Estate Tax by creating a fund that will give your family the money that they will need on the time that they need it most which life insurance can provide.

Thanks for reading my blog. If you want to learn more about the benefits of life insurance on Estate Tax preparation, you may reach me.





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Parkinson’s Law:The reason why we fail to save money.


parkinsons law

Few years ago or many years ago, when you just started working,your income was small. You survived on that level of income and you thought that your salary was not enough that was why you did not save money. But today,your income is higher but it is impossible for you to save still. The reason for this is because you are under the Parkinson’s Law. It is a law that states that the work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.  So, if you will rephrase the law, it says: The expenses expand so as to fill the unnecessary wants to spend all the incremental salary instead of saving it. While you income is increasing, your spending will increase as well but you fail to save money for you to use for your future expenses. Instead, you get yourself into building more liabilities than assets and you start believing that it is impossible to save money.

Saving money is behavioural. It is how you set your mind to prioritize your saving money first before you spend. If you think your salary is small, you can still set aside some of it, if you want to. It is not about when you earn bigger, that’s the time that you will start to save. You should start right away, when you got your first job.  Saving should be always part of your budget because you need to pay yourself as well. When you spend all your income, you are paying other people first. Your priorities will be your bills that you have to pay every month which you will not benefit in the long run. You will make other people rich but not yourself that is why Meralco, SM, Petron, Globe and other big companies are getting richer because for sure we need to pay them. We never pay ourselves as well through saving. Ideally, you should set aside from 10%-20% of your income. If you are not comfortable yet setting aside 20% of your salary because you have so many liabilities,you can start with 10% savings. If you think that 10% is still big,try 8%,if not,try 5%. The important thing about this is creating a habit,start where you are most comfortable. Even though, you start saving small at first and gradually, you can increase the saving percentage of your income in the near future. From 5% saving percentage, you can now save 20% of your income.

We have to break the Parkinson’s Law for us to save effectively. Everytime that your salary increases or if you have bonuses,make it a habit that you have to save 50% of it right away and use the 50% to other things that you like to add to your lifestyle. You need to allocate your income for you to have directions where your money should go. Practice to increase your savings rather than increasing your expenses when your income goes up. Always use this formula: Income-Savings= Expenses, rather than Income- Expenses= Savings.

Building your savings will be your muscle for you to start to become Financially Independent. You can now grow your money through investing and protect your income as well because we are not going to work for the rest of our lives. Saving should not be the only goal but it is the foundation for you to achieve your financial goals in life. Breaking the Parkinson’s Law will benefit you for you to be effective and efficient in handling your finances. Let’s beat the Parkinson’s Law.

Let’s all be financially free!


Archie M. Yuki
Financial Adviser,Investment Consultant and Insurance Specialist
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7 Things To Do Before You Invest in Stock Market


Investing in Stock Market is beneficial because you can achieve your financial goals in the future. You can prepare for your retirement,funding for your children’s education,buying your dream house, business funding and many more. It will require discipline and commitment. It is not easy but it can be done. Many Filipinos do not see investing in Stock Market as a viable tool to attain our aspirations in life. But if you are willing to learn and be consistent on handling your finances well, you can start to invest in stock market and do these 7 things first before you jump into it.

1. Pay your debt. It is ideal that you have no loans before you invest particularly the ones that give big interest. Good interest and bad interest will pull each other,thus, your networth will not grow. Know if what you borrowed is an asset or a liability.
2. Create a habit of paying yourself. Learn to live at 80% of your income. Set aside the 20% for your savings and investment. Everytime you earn,prioritize saving first. Use this formula:Income Minus Savings=Expenses rather than Income minus Expenses=Savings
3. Create your emergency fund. Save 3 to 6 times of your monthly salary. If you will have to pay something that is unexpected,you can get it from your emergency fund. You have money to use if you lose your job,a member of the family gets sick, your daughter needs to pay something at school,the gate of your house was broken down,you need to buy a spare tire and many more.
4. Get yourself a health card and your family members. It is very important that you have health card so that if illness happens, you don’t have to shell out cash. If you will be hospitalized for a dengue, it will cost you like 30k-100k  for a week. But if you have a health card,you do not need to pay for it but the HMO company will take care of it.
5.Insure your non-life assets. Things will not go well unexpectedly. You are driving and suddenly you slam someone’s car or worst is you hit people while they are crossing the streets. This will cost you money if you do not have an auto insurance. Get your non-life insurance for your car,house,business,accident,travel and many more for you to be protected.
6. Get Dread Disease Insurance. We hope that we will not get sick like cancer,diabetes,stroke,terminal illness, etcetera because this will cost you a lot of money. It’s better to have this coverage so that if it happens, you have funds to use for your treatment.
7.Get Life insurance. The most important insurance that you should have. You are the money making machine and if death comes,your income will stop. Your dependents will surely be left for nothing. How they can continue the lifestyle that you are providing with them. If you pass today, would you know if your family will be financially secured without you? If not, you should insure yourself properly.

These are the things that you should do before you invest in Stock Market so that you can maximize the returns of your investments. It is not ideal to jump right away to invest without assessing if you are capable of doing it so. Your hard-earned money should be well allocated otherwise you will lose it all in one snap. The logic here is even if you are earning well to your stock market investment and unexpected things happen, you are prepared for it rather than you will suddenly stop your investment or withdraw it which you will be in a losing situation. If your money in stock market is not even earning yet,you just wasted your time and money. You simply follow these steps from saving money, you can insure then you can invest and you will be in a winning situation long term for you to achieve your financial goals in the future.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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