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How far can your daily Ph100 go in the Stock Market?


Many of us think that investing in Philippine Stock Market is for only rich people but it is not true. We do not need to invest millions of pesos right away. In fact, everyone can participate to invest in our own stock market as long as we can discipline ourselves to manage our finances well.We need to create habit of saving and investing for us to achieve our financial goals in the future. You can invest for only Ph100 per day and reap the benefits in the future.

Our economy is growing and you will be left behind if you will not earn from it.
Take note of the economic drivers that push our economy to grow:
  • Our Gross Domestic Product(GDP) constantly increases.
  • Our workers are young with an average age of 24 years old as compared to our neighboring countries in Asia.
  • OFW remittances are increasingly growing.
  • BPO’s Jobs and Revenues give income to our country and it increases as well.
  • We have low-interest rates which investors are attracted to.
Our consumption-driven economy makes our country grow because Filipinos now have more money to buy. Understanding this information about our economy, you should take action to the opportunity to earn in our own stock market. You can create a Financial Plan that you can use for your future financial needs like for your retirement, funding for your children’s education, funds that you can use for your future business, buying your car, buying your dream house and many more.

Think as a businessman when you invest in Stock Market particularly in a pooled fund. You can become a co-owner of these big companies. Once these companies earn, you can also earn and if they lose money, you will also lose money. You can save a lot of time, energy, and money rather than starting your own business because you will need a big capital right away to start your own business and you need to be hands on to it. But in a pooled fund, you are making your money work for you.

Your mindset should be like partnering with these big companies which have a good track record and proven system that will you make you profitable. You cannot beat Jollibee if you will start your own restaurant and with other big companies. If you cannot beat them, join them instead.

We have to understand that risk is present when it comes to investing in Stock Market. What we can do about the risk is to manage it.That is why it is ideal to participate in stock market through a pooled fund if you do not want to be exposed directly to the risk.  If you will put your money to a company that will not be there for long-term, you will surely lose your money. You need to diversify for you to manage your risk just like what pooled funds can do for you. Pooled funds consist of 30-35 blue companies that your money will be spread and it is actively-well managed.

If 10 companies will not perform well, it will be removed by the fund manager and it will be replaced by performing companies.  But, do you think companies like Jollibee, Globe, BPO, Petron, PLDT, and other blue chip companies will close down in the next 10 years or 20 years? I think the chance of these companies will close down is very small.  If you will invest long-term and consistently in a pooled fund, you will earn.

This will what happen to your Ph100 per day in a pooled fund in Philippine Stock Market:

You can see that your money works for you even if you stop investing. It will compound itself. You can see that at age 60, the investor will have Ph2,396,684.80 if it earns 10% per year. If you put your money in the bank, for sure it will not grow because the interest is very low which is less than 1% per year. You can imagine if you constantly increase your investment and you will not stop investing, you can have more money in the future. These funds can be withdrawn partially or fully after 10 years depending on your financial goals. But for me, nothing beats investing consistently and holding it for long-term.

Don’t be left behind and start to save and invest for your financial goals in the future through investing in our own stock market. Huwag tayo pumayag na puro dayuhan lang ang laging kumikita sa sarili nating ekonomiya.

If you think investing in a pooled fund through Stock Market  can benefit you for your future financial goals, you may reach me and let me help you to create a Financial plan for you.


Archie M. Yuki
Financial Planner,Certified Investment Consultant and Insurance Specialist
4th floor Karina Bldg., No. 33 Shaw Blvd. Pasig City
Tel No. 571-3274
Mobile Number. 0917-5769607, 0923-4941362
Email Address: archieyuki30@gmail.com

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