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Archie Yuki is an advocate of Financial Literacy. He has been in the Financial Industry for 7 years and has helped a lot of Financial Advisors and Clients how to value the importance of Financial Planning through Saving,Insuring,Investing and Preserving. He is highly qualified to create a Financial Plan for your financial needs in the future; be it for Retirement Plan, Educational Plan, Business Fund Expansion, Health Funds, Estate Preservation and any financial goals that you want to achieve in the future. He believes that Filipinos should not be only spenders but learn also how to become savers and investors. He believes that Financial Planning can help Filipinos to achieve Financial Independence.

He sees that Financial literacy is one way to alleviate poverty in our country and can have inclusive growth not only for the rich people but also for the poor people. He conducts financial Literacy Seminars at different schools, government offices, Brgy Halls and also to Private Offices. He finished a business course from the University of the Philippines, BS Tourism. He is a Licensed Financial Planner. He is a certified Insular Life’s Financial Advisor. He is an accredited trainer for Life insurance Licensure Exam and Variable Unit Linked Licensure exam. He is a certified Overseas Filipinos Workers Specialist which specialization to grow the funds of OFWs. He is a Certified Investment Solicitor

He is an accredited Health Insurance Specialist and Non-Life Insurance Specialist. He is a Competent Communicator of Toastmasters International who engages in public speaking. He is one of the resource speakers of The Advocacy Group or SOLA-TAG when it comes to Financial Planning. He is one the youngest and dynamic leaders in Insular Life and has 7 certified Financial Advisors under his team.

Here are some of the photos of his Financial Literacy Forums:









You may invite him for a personal finance consultation and for a Financial Literacy Seminar at your offices. You may reach him at 0917-5769607 and his e-mail address is archieyuki30@gmail.com

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